19-Jun-23 Arrive Frikes 1106hrs 38:27.406N 20:40.425E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 19 Jun 2023 11:06

Anchored and tied off stern to shore, about 750 metres from Frikes Port. Investigated the autohelm issue. At first thought it may have been a blown fuse. On checking servo motor in engine room, it was not the fuse. The Jefa shaft from the servo motor to the bulkhead connection had sheared both universal joints. I think this occurred when we were heading out from Asos a couple of days ago into very heavy weather. I recall working very hard on the helm before realising I had inadvertently put in in auto mode. Will be a tricky one to solve given confined space. Maybe end of season repair. So will be under manual helm for the time being.  Later we took the dinghy ashore for lunch.



At anchor of Frikes

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Failed universal joints on Jefa shaft from autohelm servo motor


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