Pix June 5, 6, 7. Cavtat

Steve Coughlan
Wed 7 Jun 2017 13:24

June 5: John and I continued on with davit line upgrade, completing the work and clean up by late afternoon. Marlene and Mark conducted an internal clean.

June 6: John left in the morning at 0930hrs. Great to have him on board for the recommissioning, sail and rig tuning and the davit line upgrade.


When John left, Mark and I gave the external areas a good wash whilst Marlene completed internal clean and laundry. Mark and Marlene left about 1:30. Appreciated the assistance during the commissioning but unfortunately, for Marlene and Mark, meant we did not cover as much ground as in normal cruising mode.


In  the afternoon I disassembled the cockpit table in preparation for application of Wonder Teak sealer.


June 7: Put laundry through, got a lift to a chandlery to get some bits and pieces. On returning continued laundry, completed application of Wonder seal then reassembled cockpit table. A 55 ft. French yacht (named Amelia from La Rochelle)  berthed port side this morning. Later in the day, when I was off my boat, the owner of the French boat was into me. The wind and swell picked up a bit and some minor damage to his boat occurred when it rubbed against the stainless steel port boarding ladder hinge mounts of Westralia, which protrude 25mm from the gunnel. He wanted money from me. I explained that firstly I was already berthed, he was the skipper of his boat and it was his responsibility to ensure his fenders were placed in the correct  position. He carried on, took photos and claimed he would complain to Discovery yachts, look at getting his insurance company chasing me etc. I politely told him to fill his boots.


Marlene and Mark donated 2 young basil plants for the boat, hence named Basil M1 and Basil M2. They appear to be thriving together. In fact there must be something going on a night as M1 is flowering!


Later on caught up with the skipper of the French yacht, Aphonse Clement. We had a chat and I think he had accepted my position, I bought him a bottle of wine and we had a good chat about a range of issues, discussing our respective boats and so on. He was a good bloke.




Aft cabin stripped to access davit controls








Mark and I give the boat a wash










Basil M1 and M2. M1 is flowering, so M2 has been busy?!!