Pix 05-Jul-18 1700hrs 44:21.337N 14:42.268E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 5 Jul 2018 16:00

1200hrs: Engine and genset oil and water check. All good. Depart Kamporsk Draga after a swim, supplies from local Kozum.


1700hrs: Anchored at Rt. Mavrova, Otok Silba. Helen prepared excellent fried rice dish with Patty's assistance. Rain early morning gave the boat a rinse. I got up and shut the hatches.



Anchored at Rt. Mavrova, Otok Silba



Bob and Patty attend to the washing!




Coffee ashore at Kamporsk Draga



Heading back to Westralia



Patty chilling out



This is better than pouring concrete, thinks Bob!!



Sunset at Rt. Mavrova, Otok Silba