11 June 19:30 NAOK

Steve Coughlan
Tue 11 Jun 2024 19:30

We took the dinghy ashore in the morning and went to the old Bristish fort, built in the early 1800s. The Brits certainly liked to build in those days, responsible for all the established buildings, roads and services in old Corfu town. They did a good job and you wonder at the wealth of the empire back then to finance all that development. That evening I took John ashore to catch a taxi for his return home to Perth. Great to have him on board and many interesting discussions, laughs and fresh fish, thanks to his considerable skills with a handline and bread! Catherine and I took a walking tour of old Corfu town, lots of local shops and eateries, we settled on a traditional Greek restaurant back from the main tourist strip. Stopped for a night cap at the NAOK yacht club bar on the way back to Westralia.


Part of the British fort adjoing Corfu town

A large ship in the water

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View south from the top of the old fort across the NAOK yacht club. The airport is in the distance.

A city with trees and water in the background

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View from the top of the British fort looking west across Corfu town

A stone tunnel with a light in the end

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A tunnel in the fort

A long hallway with brick walls

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The Poms liked to lay bricks!

A group of people standing outside at night

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NAOK yacht club restaurant and bar. Great spot.

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