Pix 13 Aug

Steve Coughlan
Mon 13 Aug 2018 13:00

12 Aug

Arrived at the yard around 10am Sunday morning. Main task was to complete a detailed job list for work to be undertaken by the yard during the off season. In addition, a list was prepared for John to complete. The major item on John's list was the replacement of the cracked saloon forward window (resulting from the main halyard shackle failing and falling from the top of the mast striking the window, some weeks earlier). This window is some 3.5m long, chemically hardened, laminated 14mm thick safety glass weighing 140kg. We left the yard about 1730, had a shower at the Lido, then took the dinghy round to San Rocco marina for dinner at the restaurant.


13 Aug

Arrived at the yard Monday morning at 0830. Organised for the dinghy to be lifted and placed under cover. We then prepared a list of the sails and rigging and emailed it to the local Slovenian North Sails agent (Slovenia is very close to Muggia). The agent will clean, inspect, repair as required and then store in a sail loft until next season. The dinghy is looking a bit sad, a repaired crack in the aluminium hull, the pontoons missing some glued appendages, e.g. one of the oar holders. John will investigate replacement options and I will look at trading the existing dinghy. Drained all the fresh water, then a final clean of the boat internals before heading back to the Lido for a shower. After lunch and farewelling John (who would stay until the 15th) I headed off to Trieste airport, thence back to Perth.



Again another great experience, sailing the Adriatic shared with friends and family. Very greatly appreciated all crew who took time out of their busy lives to assist and share the experience with me. Thankyou to all.