Antisamos 24-Jul-19 1230hrs 38:03.939N 20:45.245E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 24 Jul 2019 12:30

24-Jul-19            1230hrs

Anchored off beach at Antisamos. Sealing clothes, phones and wallets in double plastic bags, we swam to shore and walked to the busy beach front. Rinsed off using the local beach shower then had lunch and observed the masses milling around the stone beach in deck lounges, every square metre occupied. Reminded me of a seal colony with the seals drinking Aperol Spritz and beer.


Catherine doing Pilates

A good drying day (again), as they say in the trade

Approaching Antisamos baech

Busy, very crowded pebble beach

We swam ashore with our phones, wallet etc in a plastic bag

Catherine preparing to swim back to Westralia