Ay Nikolaos 19-Jul-19 1315hrs 38:10.714N 20:29.382E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 19 Jul 2019 13:15


Mark and Marlene packed their bags and generally prepared the boat for their departure. We all went about our various tasks for the day before having a G&T and then farewelling Mark and Marlene off in the evening. As always, great company and boat crew.



Met a nice English couple at the Compass bar who had been to WA.

Tony and I headed into the square after Marlene and Mark left for dinner before, again, spending an hour or so listening to the musician.

19-Jul-19            0900hrs

Departed Argostoli after updating transit log with port police

19-Jul-19            1315hrs              38:10.714N              20:29.382E

Anchored at Ay Nikolaos. Fairly windy in the bay until early Saturday morning. We had lunch and dinner ashore observing a lot of yachts coming into the bay through to late evening.


Taverna at Ay Nikolaos



Yachts at anchor, Ay Nicholaos