06 June 08:00hrs Blue hole, Drini valley, Girokaster castle

Steve Coughlan
Thu 6 Jun 2019 08:00

6 Jun 19 Girokaster


Topped up water tanks before heading off with the driver and Gerti to the Blue hole, a significant bubbling spring yielding crystal clear cold water creating a substantial stream. From there we headed off to the Kalaja i Gjirokaster, a significant castle overlooking the Drini river and valley. The castle region dates back to BC. Then had lunch a  higher elevation restaurant with a spectacular view down to the valley and castle. Again a great variety of excellent locally grown food.



The blue hole is a spring with an explored cave extending at least 80 metres below. Crystal clear 10 degree water creates the stream




Tony, Helen, Steve abd Zimi at the Blue hole


Crafts lady selling her handiwork outside the Kalaja i Girokaster. In addition to her handiwork she was selling a range of homemade jams. Delightful personality with great skills.



Overlooking the town of Girokaster from the castle



View around Girokaster castle










Building roads the old way in Girokaster






Mountain restaurant overlooking the Girokaster castle and the fertile Drini river valley. The Drini starts just over the Greek border and exits in to the sea, north, near Vlore. A lifeblood of the region, the fertile flood plains are renewed after each flood and have provided crops for thousands of years.


Another excellent meal with very good local wine for 10 Euro per head.