19-Jul-23 14:00 Piraeus 37:56.290N 23:38.959E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 19 Jul 2023 14:00

09:50 Depart Agistri under motor. Once clear of Agistri and bearing to Piraeus, set main and jib for motor sail in winds 9knts true, P30 to boat. SOG 8.3 knts.


14:00 Berthed at Zea marina, Piraeus. Whilst manoeuvring the boat into position, with a fair bit of windage, I managed to pull the bow rope lead line through the bow thruster. So will be diving the boat and replacing that later today. Cath left with Jude to get a taxi to the bus for her return trip home to Paralio, Astros. Good company and knows sailing, which was handy. George, the refrigerator dude, came aboard and replaced the thermostat on the fridge electronic controller, 5 minute job. I replaced the bow thruster props, which kept me cool in the water. Later in the evening Jude and I explored the immediate surrounds of Piraeus before dinner a very good local restaurant off the water front strip.





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