Pix 16-Jun-17 0745hrs 42:39.286N 18:05.160E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 16 Jun 2017 06:45

From previous trip to Cavtat, Croatia, with John and Mark I knew the Harbour Master would not be available after 1700hrs and we would not be able to clear customs and would be directed to go to Grus.  So we went directly to Grus customs jetty. Firstly, after berthing alongside, we were hit with a 100 Kuna fee to pull up at the jetty (this did not happen on previous trip), secondly the police hit me up with a 660 Kuna fine for not calling into Cavtat as this was the first port of entry from Montenegro. I explained that the Harbour Master office was closed after hours however the Grus police stated the Cavtat police would have been there where they would have directed me to Grus (as they were on the previous trip where they told me to go onto Dubrovnik). The police explained I would have been seen to attempt to enter at the first port of entry and rules are rules. At this stage I was not too impressed.


Could not get a berth at Porat Marina, Grus, so motored over to JK Orsan to attempt to get a berth there, no luck, private marina and could not raise anyone. Whilst manoeuvring out of JK Orsan marina something in the water was sucked into the bow thruster. Sounds like a couple of blades have been damaged so will check out tomorrow. Continued motoring up river to Marina Dubrovnik.




Departing Montenegro



Rounding the point, Rt. Ostra out of Kotor to head NW up the southern Croatian coast



Passing Tivat



Sunset on way to Grus






Entering Grus



Approaching customs jetty




Cruise liner berthed



Berthed alongside customs jetty