Sami 24-Jul-19 1445hrs 38:15.188N 20:38.920E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 24 Jul 2019 14:45

24-Jul-19            0245hrs

Anchored and tied off stern to town quay, Sami. After organising the boat we headed in the Bromptons for a short 3km ride to the Mellisani cave, an underground cavern caused by erosion of limestone over time to the point where it caved through to the surface. The subterranean water is fed from somewhere near Argostoli apparently. Impressive natural cavern, the water temperature a constant 15 degrees, so effectively a natural airconditioner. After returning too Sami I went to the Port police to update the transit log whilst Catherine took a tour around the town. We caught up with Georgio, the fuel guy. He recommended a couple for restaurants and openly made a line for Catherine, who found it quite amusing considering he was 15 years younger! Later we had a cocktail then dinner at a nearby taverna.


Berthed at Sami town quay. Catherine unpack the Bromptons

On for Graham and Theresa

Eel at Mellisani cave

View up to opening to surface, caused when the roof collapsed to the subterranean cave in the past

Punt boatmen take tourists to explore the cave

Water is a constant 15 degrees C, providing a natural airconditioner



Inside the cave, the water feed coming from somewhere near Argostoli


Catherine lowers the passarel to the town quay