Pix 27-Jun-18 1300hrs 44:34.310N 14:24.536E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 27 Jun 2018 12:00

Anchored at Uvla Artaturi, Otok Losinj,  after a broad reach sail in Bora winds 25 to 30 knts, gusts to 40kns. Double reefed main and then some, heavily reefed genoa, still seeing speeds up to 10knts. Went ashore in the dinghy to pick up wifi at restaurant, had lunch, then taxi to Mali Losinj. Picked up some fishing gear, groceries and supplies before having a drink at a bar and watching Germany play South Korea. Needless to say a lot of sad German faces after that result!



Strong winds and fast sail, heavily reefed main and genoa. Westralia powering through water at speeds greater than 10kns.







Clear waters and protected anchorageat  Uvla Artaturi, Otok Losinj