29 May Corfu

Steve Coughlan
Wed 29 May 2024 17:00

Removed SS blackened bolt from problematic battery connection, cleaned lead end and replaced  SS bolt with a copper bolt. All good but incredibly difficult location to access. We planned to set off for Preveza however could not start the Volvo engine! I was convinced the engine electrics had been compromised by the dumping of 500 litres of fresh water into the engine room when a fresh water connection had failed back on the 26th. Disassembled as many of the electrical connections to the Volvo as I could and sprayed with WD40 and contact spray. No success. Contacted the Corfu Volvo dealer who visited at 1:30 in the afternoon. He sorted it out in 2 minutes and did not charge me! All credit to Evomarine, Corfu. Turned out I had inadvertently move the fuel filter valve lever to the off position when refitting the failed fresh water hose connection. Massive lightening thunder storm dumped huge amounts rain late arvo giving the boat a huge rinse. John caught a couple of fish (Dorado) which, after the obligatory Aperol Spritz, we had as an entree before going ashore to the marina restaurant for dinner.


A close-up of a broken electrical cable

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SS bolt replaced with copper bolt

A deck of a boat

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Massive rain storm with lightening gave the boat a huge rinse.


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