Palaiokastrita 25-Jun-19 1045hrs 39:40.368N 19:42.662E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 25 Jun 2019 10:45

25-Jun-19           1000hrs

Depart Ayios Yeoryiou.

25-Jun-19           1045hrs

Motored around to the picturesque bay of Palaiokastrita. Set anchor in 15m depth, 60m of scope. Went to shore and found the Appollon hotel where the staff kindly put the cricket on. A very enjoyable few hours watching the Poms get smashed!


Departing Ayios Yeoryiou






Picturesque coastline on the approach to Palaiokastrita






At anchor, Palaiokastrita




Watching the Poms getting thrashed in the ODI