11-Jul-23 Methonis 12:45 36:48.810N 21:42.920E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 11 Jul 2023 12:45

07:00    Very calm anchorage overnight made for a good rest. Genset on, make water, load of washing. Then depart at 10:50.

12:45    Anchored in bay adjacent Methonis. Motored all the way in dead calm conditions. We took the dinghy ashore. We explored the Methoni foreshore and walked out of town a short distance to the excellent family restaurant, Sapientza, for lunch. Picked up supplies and returned to the boat. Jude rested up, I did some chores and around 18:00 we had an Aperol Spritz, then went to shore for dinner at the Thalassa taverna in the square. There was a very good female musician playing nearby so went there for a nightcap. We returned  to the boat after midnight.


A person standing in a courtyard with umbrellas and buildings in the background

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A person standing in front of a house

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Sapientza restaurant

A person standing in a kitchen with a large kitchen with many pots and pans

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Family owned restaurant, proudly showing what is on the menu

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Sapientza restaurant. Sapientza is the name of a small island adjacent to Methonis

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A person sitting on a boat

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Aperol spritz

A group of goats in a field

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Methonis locals

A sailboat in the water

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