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Steve Coughlan
Wed 6 Jul 2016 11:30

Anchored off Mariana Piccolo, Capri.


Went for a swim and climbed up steep trail to cliff face walking path. Jude said she wouldn't do it, but in the end stuck her tongue out to one side of her mouth and negotiated her way up and down


In the evening we motored into Piccolo and caught a taxi to Capri, had a drink overlooking the Capri port. Whilst we there the crew of the French yacht we had berthed alongside at Mariana Di Stabia sat at the table next to us. Pretty coincidental! We then had dinner at a very nice restaurant. Matt showed interest in a peach coloured shirt in a nearby shop until he found out the price, more than 500 Euro!!! So you can gauge the ranking of Capri amongst the Italian Islands – very expensive.





The precipitous road to Ana Capri, hanging off the side of the cliff face




Coming in to anchor near Piccolo






View of Piccolo from Westralia’s anchorage




Jude and I swam to shore and negotiated our way up the face to cliff walking path







Matt and Jude, Capri town