28-Jul-23 13:20 Fikadha Nisos Kynthos 37:24.770N 24:22.858E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 28 Jul 2023 13:20

11:10 Had some work to do for the monthly report, then we organised the boat and departed Nissos Kea for Nisos Kythnos. Once we cleared the influence of the land we had excellent winds, +20knts 60P. Set the main to the first reef and the genoa, engine off. SOG plus 8 knts. The wind came around to a broad reach port side, so some adjustment to the sails had us seeing 8.5 to plus 9 knots, comfortable all the way to Kynthos.

13:20 Anchored in O. Fikiadha, Nisos Kynthos. Great sail all the way. Very protected bay in crystal clear water. A barren rocky island, noted the dry wall rock fences that, presumably, were for holding livestock of some sort in the past. The effort to build those dry wall fences across steep terrain would have been significant. Went for a swim to shore and later took the dinghy in for dinner. A very calm anchorage overnight as the winds dissipated.

A boat on the water

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Under sail making good speed all the way to Kynthos

A group of boats in the water

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.A dry, barren island. The prolific dry wall rock fences would have taken a lot of time and work. Presumably for retaining livestock in the past?

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Julie at the taverna, which served good food however the endless doof doof music was annoying!

One the better sand beaches, it forms a bar which divides the bay east and west. Very protected anchorage.


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