Butrint #1 8 June

Steve Coughlan
Sat 8 Jun 2019 08:00

8 June

Organised the car and driver again with Giri as guide. We headed off to Butrint at 10am, stopping on the way at Ksammil, a beach side resort town a few kilometres from Sarande. Very attractive beaches and well resourced. Then headed up to Butrint to visit the ancient town, the location visited by Caesar in 448BC, who recognised the potential for a town. Very well preserved and managed world heritage site. Over the centuries the region was controlled be the Romans, the Ottomans, the Angevins, Venetians, Byzantines and others. On the way back we stopped at an elevated restaurant for another excellent lunch.


Ksammil, a beautiful beachside town a few kilometres out of Sarande




Walkway in Butrint ancient town

Local wildlife

Triconch Palace

Roman forum, market place. 2,000 year old stone pavement