Igoumenitsa 15-Jun-19 1245hrs 39:28.964N 20:15.811E

Steve Coughlan
Sat 15 Jun 2019 12:45

15-Jun-19           1115hrs

Weigh anchor and departed Platarias.

15-Jun-19           1245hrs

Tied up alongside at Igoumenitsa, a busy car ferry port on the mainland ferrying to and from Corfu. Went to the marine police office to check in border police. Was advised that we could not remain in the berth location and there were no facilities for cruising yachts. So returned to the boat and headed back to Platarias, dropped anchor at 1430hrs.


Heading to Igoumenitsa


Igoumenitsa is a busy car ferry port on the mainland servicing Corfu and other Ionian islands.

Not crusing yacht friendly, no facilities for cruising yachts and a noisy town on the weekend with your Greek hoons on their overpowered motor bikes!