6 June 06:15hrs Sarande

Steve Coughlan
Thu 6 Jun 2019 06:15

6 June 0615hrs

Motored around to the fuelling point. There was a super yacht taking on fuel when we arrived. Dropped anchor and tied off stern to wall. Fuel was delivered in a small fuel tanker truck. Whilst we were there an Italian Azimut drew alongside, laying its anchor chain across ours. After taking on 1100 litres of fuel at 0.95 Euro/litre (tax free) we waited for the Azimut to fuel up to ensure he departed before we weighed anchor. Needless to say the Azimut picked up our anchor chain. After a lot of manoeuvring and excited Italian yelling the two Italian gentlemen managed to clear our chain. We then motored back and anchored to a position off the berth wall.

We plan to hold this position until the berth is clear this evening once a supposed cruise ship (yet to arrive) clears the bay.

The cruise ship duly arrived late morning and held its position in the middle of the bay.

Zimi and I waited at anchor and cleaned inside of boat, put a few loads of washing through and generally prepared for Helen and Tony to arrive. I took the dinghy to the ferry terminal and picked up Helen and Tony at 1330 hours and returned to the boat. At 7pm we motored close to the berth location and once the cruise ship ferry boats stopped, we laid the anchor and reversed the boat into position, tying up stern to. In the evening we headed off to city for dinner.



Lebonese super yacht alongside at fueling point


Italian yacht came in on starboard side, laying his anchor chain over ours in the process


After some panis by the Italians they finally cleared their anchor chain


Anchored in the Sarande bay waiting for Helen and Tony and for the cruiseliner passengers to clear the ferry terminal berthing position