14-Aug-23 Cleopatra Marina

Steve Coughlan
Mon 14 Aug 2023 09:00

Returned to Cleopatra marina where the boat was lifted at 10:00. Once secured in the stand on the hard we got to and continued the final steps to set up the boat for winter storage, including dropping the anchor and all the chain on the ground (stops it sweating in the chain locker), giving it a wash in fresh water. Removed the dinghy motor, flipped the dinghy and applied pickling chemical and removed small barnacles from it. Finalised payment to the yard and the sail loft then we caught a taxi back to Preveza. Job done. John would depart on the 15 Aug, me 16 Aug, Catherine and Ella 17 Aug. Good work by all, particularly the ladies. I am sure the boat interior has not been detailed like that for some time.

Boat being lifted. The hull is remarkably free of any growth or barnacles. The copper coat does a great job.


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