30-Jun-23 Depart Fiskardo 10:00 38:26.309N 20:38.464E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 30 Jun 2023 10:00

29 June Spent the day in Fiskado, exploring in dinghy, swimming and watching Richmond get flogged by Brisbane!


30 June 09:00 Depart Fiskardo for Port Polis, Ithaka, a short run across from Fiskardo, under motor in very calm conditions.


30 June 10:00 At anchor at Port Polis, Ithaki. Very pleasant, quiet bay after the busy port of Fiskardo. Quite a few fish around so John has the handline in. Nailed one on the first cast, however thereafter proved elusive. We had a couple of swims over the course of the day. On the second swim, the inevitable happened. I jumped in with my hearing aids on, heard the noise in my ears, climbed straight back out and got to with the WD40 spray to displace the sea water, then contact spray to displace the WD40. Then left then left them on the helm seat to dry out. The head of the bay has a small pebble beach with deck chairs for hire, not much in the way of tavernas.  Also a small marina for local fishing boats .That evening we took the dinghy ashore and walked 1.5kms into the nearby village so Stavros, checking out a well presented small museum of Homer's sea faring history and early history of boat building. Inthaka is the island home of Odysseus, as described in Homer’s Odyssey. I have to get a copy of his epic literary works and have a read. After the obligatory Mythos, we had dinner at and excellent Stavros taverna, walking back down the hill and taking the dinghy back to Westralia around 0930. John tried his hand again fishing. No luck.


Approach to Port Polis, Ithaca

Old fisherman preparing his nets

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Head of the bay

John catches a small Bream

Walking up to the local village of Stavros

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View back to beach from the road up to Stavros

Small village with museum of Homer, Ithaca features predominantly in Homer’s literature, as the home of Odysseus


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