Old Corfu Town 20-Jun-19 1400hrs 39:36.972N 19:55.553E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 20 Jun 2019 14:00

20-Jun-19           1400hrs              39:36.972N              19:55.553E

At anchor off Corfu old town. Went in to Old Corfu town for lunch. Also organised Greek sim for data.


Returned to the boat and had a swim over to a nearby NZ flagged catamaran. Had a discussion about sailing from Aegina back to Corfu. They suggested it would be hard work to cover the 350 odd nautical miles in 7 days against the prevailing winds. Based on that advice I plan to leave the boat somewhere in the Ionian, fly to Athens and get a ferry to Aegina around Aug 2 and return with Jude to the boat on Aug 5.


Pon cooked an excellent red chicken curry and Helen prepared a walnut and pear salad for dinner on the boat.


Approaching the bay near Old Corfu Town

Elegenant large sail yacht




Anchored in the bay adjoining old Corfu town



Waiting for the siesta to finish so I can get a data sim from the Vodaphone shop.


Setting up the boat wifi

Pon and Joe have a swim



Excellent curry prepared by Pon along with Helen’s pear and walnut salad