06-Jul-23 Preveza 08:00

Steve Coughlan
Thu 6 Jul 2023 08:00

4 July 08:00

Antonio, the local refrigeration mechanic, came at 08:30 and completed the work on the freezer compressor and had it back operating by 09:30. Very good guy. I collected the hire car at 09:00 and returned to the boat to pick up John and we headed off to Athens airport, some 4 hours away. There must be some 10 toll booths on the way to Athens which is a pain. I dropped off John a bit after 14:00. Great to have him on board, good company and a willing hand. Always stimulating discussion, with his religious bent and me being happy with my position. Plus we both enjoyed listening to the 2nd Ashes test and the resultant whingeing poms! After dropping John off I went to a tool store and purchased a puller to remove the Jefa fitting from the bevel box and extension tools to reach the bevel box nuts in the bulkhead of the engine room.

5 July 04:00

Up early to undertake hose down and clean of the top deck, laundry and internal cleaning of boat in preparation for Jude's arrival. Also organised tools and improvisation for the replacement of the Jefa shaft. This included cutting an inspection hole (110mm x 160mm) in the stern cabin to access the Jefa connection joining the 3 way bevel box to the SB steering Jefa shaft. Will seal the hole with a SS cover plate.  Picked up Jude around 14:30 at the airport, tired but happy to finally be here. We returned to the boat and organised the cabin. Jude had a kip for a couple of hours before we took a stroll around Preveza, had an Aperol spritz at one of numerous quay bars. We then caught up with Vella, the quay boat organiser, to organise more shore power. Then to the Sophia hotel where I picked up the Jefa parts that had arrived from Denmark. We had a meal at the traditional Greek restaurant, Pstaha. On the way back we took in a good local band and finally jagged Tsipas's 5 set win over Thiem at Wimbledon, at a bar close to Westralia.

6 July 08:00

Jude and I walked to the Preveza tennis club, had a set of tennis and then headed on to the nearby swimming beach. When we returned Jude went shopping and I got to work replacing the failed Jefa universal joints. Massive job and very difficult given the tight confines. Required a lot of improvisation and took several hours to remove the 3 way bevel box, replace the Jefa shaft from the auto pilot servo motor to the bevel box and reassemble all the components. We now have auto pilot operational again so that will be  very convenient. In the evening Jude and I had dinner at the alternative Deli and Bar restaurants, one of my favourites.


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Dinner at traditional Greek restaurant, Pstaha

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Preveza tennis club, on the beach front

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Forest of Aussie ecualypts

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Swim after tennis, and an OJ

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Dinner at the Deli and Bar restaurant, 6 July

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