13 Aug 1030 depart Poros

Steve Coughlan
Sat 13 Aug 2022 10:30
Poros is a busy town, huge number of boats from the extreme to lost soul category. Many Tavernas, went to Apagio which was one of the best to date, large family run establishment.

Very good anchorage overnight, calm and no swell. I have opted to sleep on deck and Al is in my cabin. Far more pleasant in the open air from my point of view. 

This morning Murray and I took the dinghy ashore to get fuel and have a davit extension pole straightened. It bent when the port davit rope broke, loading up the belly strap attached to the pole. Stamatis, the mechanic, did his best. His workshop could diplomatically described as "busy".


Poros town


Stamatis straightening the davit pole. A "busy" workshop, putting it politely. Good bloke however who no doubt would have a go at anything.
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