23 June 13:00 Santa Maria di Leuca marina 39:47.740N 18:21.622E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 23 Jun 2024 13:00

07:00    Tied up port alongside at Othoni marina quay, facing west. Winds of up to 22knts from the north directly on the SB side of the boat pushing us hard against the marina. Have run a stringer to the bow to drive the boat forward, hard port rudder and high revs to swing the stern away from the quay then will attempt to reverse away. Successfully cleared the wall, no problem, and headed out of the marina setting a 43NM course to Santa Maria di Leuca marina. Lost the stringer rope in the process as it got caught on the marina attachment point as we were trying to pull it in. I sacrificed the rope given the strong wind conditions would have made it very risky to try and recover.

Strong NW winds,  SB 30 to 60 degrees, meant a motor sail. Life jackets on, winds +25 knts, double reefed, close hauled saw us average over 9 knts.  Boat had a thorough salt water rinse. We lost a fender overboard and the Australian flag as the flag pole snapped. The winds reduced to below 20 knts and dropped away as we approached the marina.

13:00    Tied up stern to with mooring lines at Santa Maria di Leuca marina. The Guardia di Finanza came to the boat to check our VAT documentation etc. All good, they returned our documents with completed Italian certificates. We walked  from the marina to a garden taverna close by for lunch, late at 2:30. Just got our orders in as all the tavernas shut at 2:30 for the summer afternoon siesta. Back to the boat, chilled out then later we had an Aperol Spritz and then headed into a 4.9 rated restaurant, excellent food and service. Returned to the boat and we gave it a wash down with fresh water, free of charge at the marina.


Strong winds, close hauled, double reefed, motor sail, +9knts

A bit of daunting experience for just the 2nd day aboard. Susanna did well once she came out of the cabin.

Tied up at Santa Maria di Leuca marina

A busy marina

Nat looking good with her African earrings.

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