18-Jul-23 16:00 Agistri 37:40.716N 23:19.562E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 18 Jul 2023 16:00

Anchored in SW west bay of Agistri Island. Winds strengthened to plus 20knts, but only occasionally more than 60 degrees to the bow. So we had a good motor sail for most of the way, up to 9kns SOG. A lot of sail adjustment as the wind strength and angle varied. Generally a good day. Low visibility due to the ash clouds from the bushfires near Athens. Huge amount of ash deposited every where, on and in the boat. Will be a big clean up job when the boat clears the contamination zone and/or they put the fires out. Swim, sparkly/beer. We motored to the nearby small taverna for dinner. Managed to isolate the fridge problem to a faulty thermostat on the electronic controller. Have organised a refrigeration technician for afternoon 19th July at Zea marina near Piraeus.

Two women on a boat

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Westralia bar is open! Anchored in bay just south of Aponiso, Agistri.

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Taverna at Aponiso

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