7 June 2023. Works carried out on boat in Preveza

Steve Coughlan
Wed 7 Jun 2023 08:00

John and I fitted the cylinder and topped up the hydraulic oil reservoir. John fitted the Tecma switch.  I removed the port Eaton limit switch and noted it was a different model to that on the starboard side (an LS20 instead of a LS-11S). We also removed the old corroded gas panel and replaced with new, conducting leak tests to ensure all connections were gas tight. In addition I removed all loose paint and rust from the gas bottles and painted them with quality two pack marine paint, along with the gas panel pipe work, to provide corrosion resistance.



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Badly corroded gas fittings panel (above) replaced with new  (below)


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New panel fitted



Will replace inmast furler sealer as a matter of course


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Port davit limit switch not functioning,


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Port limit switch is the wrong type. Does not shut off hydraulics when davit is fully raised. So seal is overloaded and fails over a season or so. It had been hotwired and bypassed at the time of build. Eaton switch LS-20 on port side. Sholud be an LS-11S  (below) as per SB davit





My cabin made up

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