20 July 1200hrs Depart Sarande for Lakka, Paxos Island, arriving 1800hrs. 39:14.287N 20:07.926E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 20 Jul 2022 18:00

In the morning waited at the port until around 1030hrs then weighed anchor and tied up alongside the main wharf where we refueled with duty free diesel at a cost of Euro 1.83 per litre. Last time we refueled in 2019 the price was 90 Euro cents per litre. Just before we cleared the wharf Zimi Meka rock up. He was in Sarande looking at buying a holiday home and was aware we were in port. Clearly a surprise and he may even try to join Westralia at Preveza for the leg down to Zakynthos. We finally cleared Sarande at 1200hrs.


We arrived at Lakka at 1800 hrs and after laying anchor and tying off ashore stern to we had a swim and took the dinghy into shore for dinner. We also caught up with the owner of a Discovery 55, who John knew. The bay was chokka full of charter fleet yachts and other craft. All is well for the Greek tourist industry!



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Coastal restaurant and bar strip





Lots of yachts at anchor