21-Jul-23 17:00 Aigina 37:44.453N 23:25.670E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 21 Jul 2023 17:00


Julie and Mick arriveUp very early to wash the bushfire ash from the boat and to get the interior shipshape for Julie and Mick. I had George around again to regas one of the freezer compressors. Problem is the physical connections here and there, which in theory make it convenient to disconnect the compressors, however each is a potential source of gas leakage, so recommendation is to remove them and go copper to coper. Rode the Brompton to get supplies. Julie and Mick arrived around 14;00, less their bags that did not arrive at Athens airport. Afternoon spent getting supplies, Mick and Julie getting some clothes and essentials, then a welcoming Aperol Spritz and GnT before dinner at a waterfront taverna.

21 July 23

Went to the port office to complete transit log and crew list. Mick and Julie went to airport at 09:30 to collect luggage. I headed off in the Brompton to get some bits and pieces for the boat. Came back and gave the bilge a good clean out and added bilge chemical. Mick and Julie arrived back about 13:45, only managed to collect Julie's bag. We prepared the boat to depart.

21 July 23 14:00

Depart for Aegina, 20knt winds 30P. Set main and jib close hauled and we are making 8.5knts SOG

21 July 23

Anchored just south of the port, Aegina. Good motor sail with a short run without motor on a broad reach in 15kns, 7.7 SOG. We lowered the dinghy and tied it off alongside,  a bit of swell in the anchorage. The dinghy was pitching and jerking the painter. We had a swim and then opened the bar for an Aperol spritz. Whilst having the Aperol I noticed the dinghy floating off some distance away, so donned the googles and grabbed the dinghy key, jumped in and started swimming after the dinghy. Mick followed. The dinghy came too alongside a catamaran and the crew secured it as I got there, only for me to find the dinghy key with float attached had come out of my pocket! Julie had seen it in the water from Westralia and luckily Mick rescued it! We returned to Westralia and observed that the aluminium towing point on the dinghy bow had broken with the violent action of the swell on the dinghy. I guess it had been going for a while. Made up two ropes to attach to the bridle points port and starboard on the dinghy. Need to come up with some form of shock absorption on the dinghy bridle ropes. Later we motored into the Aegina small boat harbour then made our way to Andreas' restaurant. Clearly very happy to see Jude, with his family who all worked at the restaurant.

A view from the back of a boat

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Breezy and a bit of swell in the anchorage off Aegina port. The dinghy tow point broke off the bow. Fortunately we saw floating away, jumped in and retrieved it!

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Mick happy to be aboard

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A body of water with boats and a boat in the distance

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The dinghy is retrieved!


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