8 August 1230 Depart Kalamata

Steve Coughlan
Mon 8 Aug 2022 12:30
A very good location within the marina, mountain backdrop and green surroundings.

Local lady doing her morning walked led by her two pet geese. She had had since young goslings and they believed she was their mother!

Interesting morning today, Murray managed to fall in the water whilst lowering the passerelle. He accidentally dropped a rope and in attempting to grab it he stepped forward off the marina into the water. Managed to get rope burn trying to save himself. Fortunately a couple of rugby sized poms helped drag him out (we were at the marina cafe). One more phone down!

Then as we moved out of the berth the released sb mooring line was unknowingly caught on the large blow up fender. So as we moved forward the boat was dragged SB creating some panic to the crew on the adjoining  yacht. After clearing the rope and some pirouetting in close quarters with engine and bow thruster we managed to clear without further issues.

When clear of the marina in open water I released the dinghy from the midpoint cleat to bring it to the stern cleat to lift it out on the davits. In the process I dropped the painter and off the dinghy went. Stripped to shorts, remembered to remove my hearing aids, grapped the kill switch cord and swam to the dinghy, climbed aboard and returned to the boat. We secured the dinghy, all good, thankful I took my hearing aids out. Then realised I left my Greek wifi data pod in my pocket. One more wifi unit down!



Local taking pet geese for a walk!


Nice location Kalamata


Old town, Kalamata

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