21 July 1600hrs berthed Preveza Marina 38:57.6470N 020:45.3635E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 21 Jul 2022 16:00

Matt and I held position off the Cleopatra marina whilst John took the dinghy in to get to the chandlery before 3pm close time. Needed to pick up a bilge switch as the existing saloon bilge switch was setting off randomly. Then we motored into the Preveza marina, finally mooring stern to along side a Canadian owned Discovery 55 at 1600hrs. John knew the owners so had a chat to them. A middle aged couple who decided on a major lifestyle change, sold the house in Canada, bought a yacht and decided to spend a few years cruising the world. Hard to find an argument against that! Spent the remainder of the day  tidying up the boat, light hose down. Lifted the bilge pump and gave the existing switch contacts a good clean up, cleaned and disinfected the bilge. Original switch is ok.