Pix Milna 04-Jun-18 1600hrs 43:19.619N 16:26.889E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 4 Jun 2018 15:00

1335hrs: Depart Uvla Stipanska for Milna, Brac. We motored in the dinghy into Hvar town in the morning. Crowded port so glad we chose to anchor in a quiet location elsewhere. I purchased a local sim to handle data.


1600hrs: Berthed stern to wall, ACI Marina, Milna, Brac. Motor all the way from Hvar in very light winds. Organised car hire for the 5 June. Collected large bag of laundry and motored over in the dinghy to laundromat at other side of the marina. Very impressed, the proprietor advised it would washed, dried and ironed in 2.5hrs for a cost of 150 kuna (AUD30).



Big boys toys at Hvar town




Small toys at Hvar town



Comfortable anchorage at Uvla Stipanska