16-Jul-23 16:15 Gusts to 52 knots 36:58.020N 23:00.135E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 16 Jul 2023 16:15


Depart Porto Kagios.


09:15 winds strengthened from 14A 30p to 20A 30p. Motor sail, M double reefed, jib reefed. SOG 8.0, approaching SE tip of Peoloponnisos, 15NM.

10:00 Winds +20A 30P as we get closer to SE Peoloponnisos. Expect to strengthen considerably once we clear to E Peoloponnisos.

10:11 Winds drop to 15A 15P, about 7NM off Peoloponnisos SE.

10:20 Back up to +20A 30P SOG 7.9.

10:26 18 30P SOG 8.1.

10:33 becalmed in lee of SE Peoloponnisos.

10:48 +25, gusts +30. 30P. SOG 9. Lifejacket on.

11:00 +30, gusts to 52knts. Sails furled. SOG 6.

11:31 Following bolts of wind, managed to get 25% of main out, +30 P40. SOG 7.5.

11:50 Rounded SE tip of Peoloponnisos. Bearing 340M. Winds on the nose 17A. Need to make our way N as far as possible today as N winds tomorrow are predicted to increase.

Departing Porto Kagios, 08:00

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11:00 SE point of the Peloponnese, +35 knots with gusts to +50 knots. Sails furled, under motor


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