6 June 13:10 Gaios, Paxos 39:11.826N 20:11.398E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 6 Jun 2024 13:10

10:15 Load of washing on along with the water maker, we weighed anchor and departed Leukimmis bay for Paxos.

13:10 Arrived at Paxos, laid anchor off Gaios. Had a good  but short sail in light  northerly winds whilst heading NE out of Leukimmis bay but once we rounded Leukimmis point and turn south winds were too light so sails furled, engine on. Long swim to shore and back, Aperol then into shore for a walk around the attractive Gaios taverna and shopping strip, a beer at a local then to a good restaurant in the town square. Noted the USA beat Pakishstan in the T20 world cup.


A large sailboat in the water

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At anchor off Gaios

A table and chair outside

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Table ideas

A stone pavement with people sitting at tables

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Gaios town square

A boat with lights at night

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Lights on!


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