22 July Preveza

Steve Coughlan
Fri 22 Jul 2022 17:00

This morning we went to the agent, Sophia, who took us to the border police to clear back into Greece from Albania (i.e. back into the EU). She then took my passport and ships papers to be processed at the customs office and to get a transit log. I contacted a marine refrigeration mechanic as one of the aircon units has a faulty fan and the freezer compressor needs regassing. He hopes to be at the boat Saturday afternoon so will stay another night at Preveza marina. We then had breakfast at the marina restaurant, Celeste. John returned to the boat to packs his things and caught a taxi to the airport for his 1200 hrs flight back to the UK. Matt and I did a bit of shopping and kept ourselves busy until the papers were finalised late afternoon. We then took the dinghy around to the local beach for a swim. Matt walked back to the boat and I returned to the dinghy. I replaced a rear wheel bike tube on Brompton blue.