Pix 01-Sep-16 1430hrs 42:26.116N 18:41.216E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 1 Sep 2016 13:30

0930hrs – Depart Marina Bar for Tivat. Very heavy rain and thunderstorm from about 0630 to 0800 gave the boat a very good flush. Daniela arrived at 0700 to collect passports and finalise clearance. Returned about 0830hrs, after getting drenched in the rainstorm and having to divert home to change out of wet clothes. Delightful and very helpful young lady.


1430hrs – Berthed at Porto Montenegro. End of tour. Porto Montenegro is very impressive. A relatively new major marina development complex in a spectacular mountain setting in the bay of Kotor. We relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon and checked the many varied restaurants and retail outlets around the marina. A superyacht display was underway so many big boy toys were present.



Heading into Kotor Bay, Montenegro



Cruise ship coming out of narrow channel from the bay of Kotor. The channel opens up to another smaller bay, all caused by past glacial activity.



Berthed at Porto Montenegro, Tivat, looking towards the Regent hotel.



Super yachts racked up for show







Chopper at the ready in case they run out of champagne.