Pix Jul 20

Steve Coughlan
Thu 20 Jul 2017 15:22

Arnold and I completed the linen wash and gave the boat a wash and polish before a brunch,  Arnold departing with Lari to the airport at 1230hrs. Arnold was an enthusiastic crew member and willingly to learn. We had a great few days together with Arnold going back tanned, fitter and in a good frame of mind planning more adventures in the future!


Cemal Cetindis, Turkish German mining engineer who I have been associated with professionally for over 30 years, arrived from Dusseldorf around 1345 hours. A fond friend, always great to get together. Looking forward to the next few days before we head off to Kosovo on business from Tivat on July 27.



Arnold pondering. “How do I manage to miss my flght and continue sailing?!!”



Dinner sunset with Arnold



Local classical concet Arnold and I attended in Cavtat



Arnold: “I refuse to leave the boat!!”



Cemal arrives



Arrival dinner and view from Leult restaurant.