08-Aug-23 Kastos 13:05 38:34.122N 20:54.921E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 8 Aug 2023 12:05

8 August

11:55    Depart Atokos Island for Kastos Island.

13:05    Anchored off the port of Kastos, Kastos Island. Motored sailed Bf2 winds, close hauled. Very crowded anchorage with differential swings off anchors due to local circling winds in the small bay. Weighed anchor and re-laid due to potential interaction with another yacht. Still uncomfortable so we moved again, laid anchored and tied off astern to shore. I could now relax. Chilled out, then we had a swim, shower, GnT, then to shore to the Windmill taverna overlooking the bay.


A big boy in town. Bezos’ yacht, we think.

The Windmill bar

View from the Windmill restaurant



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