03-Jul-23 Preveza 10:30 38:57.373N 20:45.304E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 3 Jul 2023 10:30

Depart Lygia 08:30 for the 09:00 bridge opening, then to Preveza.

Anchored, stern to Preveza town quay. Motored all the way in very light conditions. I contacted Antonio, the refrigeration mechanic, on his availability to come and check one of the freezer compressors as the freezer was losing efficiency. He arrived in the afternoon and confirmed there was no gas pressure and planned to return first thing Tuesday to remove some pipe connections with copper to copper. and We stocked on supplies, confirmed car hire for tomorrow and organised shore power with the port agent Vella. Vella is a good sort, grossly overworked servicing the dozens of boats at the town key. John and I had dinner in another busy restaurant strip in Preveza.


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Last night on board for John. Great few days, excellent hand and good company.

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