22 June 15:10 Othoni island 39:50.362N 19:24.692E

Steve Coughlan
Sat 22 Jun 2024 15:10

10:15    In the morning Catherine and Karen organised for their departure and I took them ashore. Great to have Catherine aboard, always eager to help and great company. Dave and I defrosted the fridge. We then weighed anchor and departed from NAOK.

15:10 Anchored in marina at Othoni. We took the dinghy for a spin to some spectacular caves and then to an adjoining beach for a snorkel. That evening we went to a taverna in Othoni and met up with the owner, Vasilica, who John Bond and I had previously met June 20.


Great have Catherine on board. Quick learner and always a willing hand

Sussana, Nat, Dave on board. Turtle spotting on way to Othoni.


Spectacular Calypso cave, Othoni


Snorkelling in crystal clear waters in bay adjoining cave

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