Pix 24, 25, 26-Jun-17 0930hrs 42:34.950N 18:12.981E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 26 Jun 2017 08:30

24 June: Craig, Bernadine and I took the dinghy ashore at 1030am with their suitcases and went to the car pickup point. Car came just before 11am. Five days went quickly and we had a good time exploring the Elaphite Islands. Always fun and entertaining, with Craig and I having plenty of debates over a range of topics, often tongue in cheek. Nautica Servis rang me at about 1130 whilst I was having coffee to advise the bow thruster props had arrived. So I made my way back to the dinghy and sped around to pick them up, returning to Westralia about 1230hrs. Spent the remainder of the afternoon servicing and cleaning the RO water maker and put on a load of washing. After preparing tool ties and a parts bag I dived the boat and fitted the port bow thruster prop previously removed. I then made my way around to the starboard side and removed the other damaged prop and fitted the new one. Bow thruster now back in action.


25 June: Did 5BX, went for long swim, then ashore for lunch, catch up on emails, before heading to supermarket for supplies. Back to dinghy and to Westralia. Chill out and read. A dude in a surf ski paddled alongside and asked me when I would be leaving. I said tomorrow morning and he replied that I had to out by 8am as I had been here for a more than 24 hours and that was not allowed. I advised that I had no knowledge of that and there was no signage to indicate that.


26 June: Departed at 0745 under motor for Cavtat arriving 0930. Berthed stern to with anchor laid after second attempt. First attempt I was told to move as that area was for 50m boats. Picked up another boats chain when weighing anchor. Put loop of rope around his chain, lowered my to take up weight of his chain with rope and to clear my anchor, then raised my chain and docked my anchor, then released rope and dropped his chain.




Tools prepared to dive boat and fit new bow thruster props