22 May 13:30 Mon Repos, Corfu 39:36.442N 19:55.773E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 22 May 2024 13:30

Anchored at Mon Repos. Motored all the way into light winds on the nose. Had a swim then Jude and I took the dinghy ashore and walked to the small palace, Mon Repos where, among other things, Prince Phillip was born. Now a museum, interestingly the British occupied the Ionian islands in the 19th century and only conceded the islands back to Greece in the 1860s. Hence the strong British influence in the buildings etc. in Corfu. In the evening we went ashore for dinner.


A person standing on a stone ledge near water

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Bay near Mon Repo

A person standing next to a boat

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A person standing on a gravel path with a building in the background

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Mon Repos Palace, where Prince Phillip was born

A boat on the water

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View down to Westralia from the palace gardens

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