Pix 14-Jul-16 1130hrs 38:49.739N 15:34.452E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 14 Jul 2016 09:34

12 July – Departed Palinuro at 1130hrs after a brief excursion in the dinghy to get supplies. On way to Cetraro. Tied up stern to at Cetraro at 1800hrs after motoring all the way in very calm conditions.


We organised payment of the berth fees, very reasonable at Euro 100 per night. Jude and I had a quick drink at a marina bar then I returned to the boat to organise power, water etc. Jude walked into Cetraro piazza, about 5 kms and at some elevation above the coast. I followed by foot an hour or so later. We had a drink at the Piazza before dinner at a very good family run restaurant. Matt arrived by foot during dinner and joined us. We could not get a taxi however the restaurant owner's father kindly drove us down to the marina but would not accept any money.


July 13 – On the Wednesday after a late morning start we put some washing on then Jude and I took the Brompton's for a ride into the coastal town area. We stopped for lunch however few people spoke English. The female restaurateur collared a local lady who spoke excellent English. She was Italian born however spent the first 25 years in London before returning to Italy with her Italian husband. She spent the next 25 years in Italy. Subsequently divorced, she now commutes between London and Italy. Jude and retuned to Westralia, loading up Brompton Green with supplies on the way. We organised a taxi and returned to Cetraro Piazza for Jude's birthday. There we had predinner drinks, bought the birthday present and had another excellent meal, the menu decisions being facilitated by a young Italian golfer who the waitress seconded to assist in translation.


Where we returned to the boat we prepared everything for an early morning departure to Milazzo, some plus 80 nautical miles away in Sicily.


Jul 14 – Depart Cetraro  at 6am for Milazzo, Sicily. Engine check oil and water. Light winds, under motor.


As forecast winds picked up at we now have +20 knots on the beam. As the wind strength increased to consistently above 15 knots I reefed in the Genoa and the Main. Beautiful sail and we are pushing plus 30 tonnes of yacht along at +9 knots with just reefed sail.



Matt and I in Cetraro old centrale



Jude’s 64th birthday dinner



Good winds on the beam



Seeing above 9 knots, one reef on main and genoa, 20kn winds





Westralia boom traveller allows excellent control of main



Very comfortable sail in 20 knot winds