Jörgen's and Gary's Birthday Party on Directi on Island

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Fri 29 Sep 2017 12:44
On the 29th of September: Jörgen 65. We woke Jörgen up with Alex and Inez having decorated Daddy’s birthday cake!






By lunch we went to Direction to celebrate Jörgen’s and Gary’s birthdays: Jörgen 65 and Gary 60.





A BBQ was set up with Lars’ and the other boys' help. We all brought our own lunch and shared among ourselves. 



Dietmar on Cesarina. Anne and Hans on Sandvita and Pär on Take Off.


Christoph on Solo and Andreij and his Sergeijs on Arabela.



Lars and Victor from the World ARC.


Dan having a blast with Inez and the swing.


Celebrating all the September birthday kids! Ken (24th), Dietmar (6th), Jörgen (29th), Alex (21st), Gottfried (22nd), Anette (27th) and Gary (29th)!


2 happy kids!


Jörgen and Gary thanking everyone for making their birthday a great day!


Gary receiving a special gift from Skyelark.


Extra-Daddy Lars hugging his extra kids.

Alex and Inez found a new friend in Anette!



A nice chilled afternoon among World ARC friends.

Ellinor on Owl, Jeff on Altair and Dan on Skyelark. Jörgen having a chat with Joe on Altair (Jeff’s father).


Eileen on Aurora, Anne on Sandvita and Val on Tulla Mhor. 

2 grand ladies: Bianca on Zeeland and Inez.


The bottle watering was not enough…. now we need to get a proper swim.


More swinging!


After Beach.

Bill on Owl, Dan and Bob on Lexington. 


Teaterapan Inez.      


Yet another friend: Anette’s husband taking Alex and Inez on a paddle board tour. 



Beautiful afternoon


Thank you for today!