Daily life on Hiva Oa

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 26 Mar 2016 09:44
HIva Oa being the furthest island away from all civilisation with approx 2200 inhabitants has no production nor do they grow anything on the island. They are totally dependant of the ships coming in with any sort of merchandise. This ship, Anaaa,
comes every 3rd Thursday. As you can tell it is half a cargo ship, half a passenger ship hosting 300 people. From far away it looks really funny!


It is the big happening of the island and the parking is quick full of cars coming to pick up their marchandise, like this one with 6-7 wheelbarrows pilled up in the pick up!


As there are no given facilities on the islands this ship has its own trucks to unload all the merchandise on the Marquesas as well as on the Tuamotu Islands.


The bay of Atuona being very small the yachts being anchored to close to dock had to move. Luckily we could stay where we were. As soon as everything was unloaded we went to the shops knowing that people will be queuing for the fruits and the vegetables. In a few hours most of the fresh goods will be gone. We discovered that tomatoes are the most popular. You’re lucky if you manage to get a few!


Take Off being provisioned with fruits and vegetables and decorated ready to celebrate Easter in a few days!