Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 2 Dec 2014 23:31
The wind is really consistently blowing hard today and from time to time it blows very hard. We sail with the spinnaker however at night we feel more secure sailing only with the genua. We are speeding pretty much quick ahead surfing on the waves and this afternoon we peaked 14,7 knots on a surf! Hopefully this will help us catch up our lost 5th place Winking smile.
Today is also a big milestone - at 17h30 we passed 1350 NM – halfway !! We celebrated of course with some cava. Very convenient as it was just on time for the sundowner. It doesn't really feel like we've done 8,5 days and it feels like we have less ahead of us. As we’ve said earlier, time flies. If the wind continues we are in for St Lucia much  earlier than predicted.
We've also had some interesting issues to deal with among the crew and after "rensing out the air" we're back on track again Winking smile
Today pretty cloudy weather and some rain. So far feels like we are quite far from the Caribbean weather.
The kids are doing really great. Finding their roll games. Alex has somewhat sticked to what Jörgen has told him, that they both are the skippers on board. Alex then interpreted that Inez and I are the chefs in the kitchen. This means that I don't have the right to decide over him.... They are both really happy spending their days like "nakenfisar" = naked. Lovely, less laundry.
Take care everyone!
Take Off through Louise