Amazing snorkling in the magic Coral Garden of Tahaa

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 11 May 2016 10:57
16.36 S
151.33 W

On the 11th of May, with somewhat a tight schedule to have time with everything we want to see before the next legs starts from Radiate on the 14th of May, we left Bora Bora and set off for Tahaa being on the way to Raiatea.
We were told by everyone that if we were to a stop between Bora Bora and Raiatea that would only be at the Coral Garden on Tahaa. So we set off together with a few others boats: Wishanger II, Blue Summit, Carango, Paradise Found and Into The Blue.

The weather was beautiful in Bora Bora and we could have easily stayed here a few more days!



The view over Bora Bora from Tahaa with the waves was quite dramatic


Coming into the reef surrounding Tahaa the waves build up and brakes just over the reef. 


Once we anchored in Tahaa the weather was really bad and the light not too good to to go snorkling so we postponed it to the day after hoping the sun would come out. However this showed to be anything else than good weather…. But we still wanted to go snorkling so it was now or not at all. We did see the bad weather coming however we could not predict how bad it would be.


We managed to come ashore. However once ashore we had to take shelter while we watched the weather getting worse and worse, until we could not see the boat from ashore… The wind and the rain were pretty heavy! Yes we were all pretty anxious for our boats not being on them if the anchors were to get loose...


The bad weather gone we started to proceed to the snorkling. We had to walk to one end of the channel as the current was pretty strong. Smarter to go with the current...

…. and what a snorkling!!! We would rank this snorkelling number 2 after Fakarava South. Coral Garden in Tahaa was like snorkling through channels, being very shallow the light was perfect although we had no sun. The fish life was amazing. It was truly like swimming in a giant aquarium!


On the picture to the right if you look carefully you can see an big octopus! We saw it in is whole. When the octopus saw us it moved out from its whole and that is when we saw how huge it was. Louise moved on the go pro camera to get a close up and suddenly it turned all purple! Wonder who got the most scared….?



We can summarise this snorkling experience with two words.: absolutely amazing !!