The welcoming and partying Niue

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 28 May 2016 08:50
Morning exercise…


World ARC’s visit being such a big happening on Niue, the High Commissioner of New Zealand welcomed us at her residence. She works like an ambassador for New Zealand on Niue. Being a young woman everyone thought she was the wife or the daughter… how wrong we could be still being too narrow minded in our way of thinking! The first picture, The High Commissioner to the left had welcomed us, while now Andy on "Into The Blue” talked on behalf of the WARC fleet. The second picture with The High Commissioner and Pia on “Spirit".


Pia, Jörgen and Erik. Alex and Inez with their favourite girls, Katherine and Laura.


Gina, Dearb, Andy and Laura on Into The Blue with Sally and David on Alcedo of Ryme.


The day after the people of the village of Alofi organised a fabulous feast for the whole World ARC fleet. They had planned since long to arrange this evening having many people of the village to join and welcome us. However they had a funeral this day and according to the Nuiean traditions, no activities or festivities should occur. They tried to postpone this evening, however our time schedule did not allow this. So this Nuiean woman in the yellow dress still organised everything together with a few of the people of the village in order to give us a proper Niuean evening. What a wonderful and generous woman (we did feel a bit bad, however she really wanted to give this for us!). 

We were all welcomed with traditionnal Nuiean necklaces made out of leaves.


Claudine from Wishanger II and Mary Beth on Paradise Found with Louise.


The dinner was extremely generous ...


… and the dance performance by the kids lovely!

One of the oldest woman of the village played the ukulele while the kids were dancing. 


The day after

Having problems with our goose neck, where the boom fits on the mast, Jörgen happened to talk to Massimo on Giampi about it and vips the day after Massimo was on Take Off to help us repair it. With his huge bag of all kinds of tools, Massimo did a tremendous work, far better than any other marina could have done! Thank you for your great help.


So we invited Massimo for lunch at “Washaway Café” on the Southern part of the island nearby a beautiful coral beach


Jargon taking a nap, Massimo played with the kids throwing stones in Jörgen’s shoe.


Inez found a little pool among the limestones.


One of the nights spent on board with the application “Sky view” watching stars and planets.

Just before arriving in Nuie, on the 24th of May, Alex finished his first year at school according to the French system he has followed, CNED. This first drawing is to his French teacher he had at CNED, thanking her for this year  


These next drawings are for their teachers in the French school in Lisbon, Coraline and Virginie.