Arriving in Fiji!! And preparing the boat...

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 28 Jun 2017 10:17
We are finally here! Fidji!

After a whole year in Europe with school, work and the normal routine life we are now finally back on Take Off! It was quite emotional to see her again and realise that she will now be our home for a year helping us to cross the world: through 4 oceans and 5 continents before we head back to her home marina in Bullandö in July 2018. Yes it was emotional….


However before moving into the boat we had a few issues to deal with: organising the boat to get livable again after being on land for 1 year and stowing away our 140 kg luggage including Inez’ 7kg of school books. And we have not yet received Alex’ books...


While Jörgen is working on the boat, we are already working with school. Nope, no summer holidays here. We go straight ahead to schooling in order to get in done on time. This day, Tuesday 27th of June is actually Inez’ first official day at the real school starting her first year, CP Cours Préparatoire. Oh yes, she is proud!


The day after, the 28th we welcomed our new crew member Gabriel Köhler, who will sail all the way to Cape Town by Christmas. His first job was to go for ant hunting, finding their nest and try to terminate them!


And we continued schooling on board while we are all working with different issues.



Alex finishing his maths book for his 2nd year of school…. now the school books for his 3rd year will arrive only by the end of October in La Réunion…. 4 months of summer holidays? Na…. Mum has reserved a few school ideas to make these 4 months pass by haha!